SearchStudy is a SEO case study database for SEO agencies that was formed by Josh MacDonald in 2017.

At the age of 15, I started Keyword Scout, which was a keyword tool that was used by over 1,000 SEO agencies and consultants. After losing the entire company to PayPal, I built the SEO software SerpClix and started sharing my SEO knowledge on YouTube.

While working with over 250 agencies in my company SerpClix, my clients made me realize how appreciated and valuable my experience and daily SEO findings were. I started documenting each case study I ran - the hypothesis, the methods or services I used, why and how I used them, and then the ranking graphs for the weeks and months following. Now I share those case studies with my clients at SearchStudy.

A few fun facts about me:

  • I sold SerpClix in 2017
  • I published a book on software development in 2018
  • I am a private pilot

I like helping, consulting and training agencies. I find the dollars per headache is much higher than if I were to take on my own clients directly. Come join me at SearchStudy.